Welcome to Ledro Valley

the spirit that animates us is to welcome our guests and to get to know our beautiful valley.

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Mountain Bike

The Ledro valley is a real paradise for people who are keen on MTB, with more than 200 km of courses signalled on forest roads, paths and old mule tracks right for people who are at the beginning of this sport and for those who want to feel a surge of adrenalin . The climb to Monte Tremalzo is a "must" for all lovers of mountain bike.

The Pile-dwelling Museum of Lake Ledro

The Pile-dwelling Museum of Lake Ledro was born in the seventies to publicize a selection of finds discovered in the surrounding archaeological area
Objects belonging to everyday life of 4000 years ago are on view, in the background of the remains of the ancient lake dwellings, in order to know the life during the Bronze Age.

Walking and trekking

The Ledro valley situated in an elevated position between Lake Garda and Lake Idro, has a very complex morphology. On the north side there are many beautiful mountains and there is the highest mountain of the Ledro Alps - Monte Cadria -2254 m.
A very nice but long trip, right for people who don't suffer from vertigo: to reach the tops of the Concei valley which are very high:2000 m or more. The path of the peace crosses all the tops and it allows you to visit many trenches built by the Austrian soldiers during the First World War.
In the south there is the group Carone - Tremalzo - Tombea , particularly interesting from the naturalistic point of view. The valley floor thanks to its little difference in level is the ideal place for pleasant and relaxing walks. The area around the lake is fully flat and it is indicated for all people who love walking and admiring the wonderful view. The Concey valley and di Pur valley, just to give two examples, allow you to take relaxing walks surrounded by the greenness of the woods and the nature.

For your free time

The perfect area where in addition to relax you will find many activities suitable for you.